Inspiring Youths For Tomorrow

Everything Is Achievable If You Can Dream It

An International Platform for Youth Empowerment

Competence Beyond The Box

Inspiring Youths For Tomorrow

Everything Is Achievable If You Can Dream It


A team of volunteers serving the youth with higher level of professionalism.

Mutual respect

Mutual respect among the stakeholders is maintained with sincerity.


Services of are accessible to all the members of the target groups.

Youth engagement

Major focus of the activities encompasses the young people of the society.

Welcome to UniV

Beginning with the motto- Competence beyond the box, “UniV”, an international mentoring assistance platform, provides the proactive and progressive holistic education to cultivate individuals’ potentials and talents towards a desired career to succeed in such demanding times. UniV introduces the youths to global competition, thereby empowering them and transforming their abilities to make it into the winning cut.


UniV is devoted to excellence in mentoring, learning, research,and academiaand developing
youth in many disciplines who make a difference globally.

World-wide focus

participation opportunity from any discipline,
across the globe

Holistic environment

progression and implementation of individuals’ academic, communal, physical, innovative, stoical, and moral potentials

24/7 virtual and living assistance

commit to nurturing the development of multiple abilities, enabling youths to achieve their goal


Prepare the youths to meet their viable career based on the global challenges of the rapidly changing world around them.

To broaden academic perspectives, isolates and addresses the changing personal needs of challenged youths, empowering interpersonal skills toward self-success, and promote global community development.

UniV has completed six events so far. The following table summarizes the number of participants who came from a wide number of institutions:

Sl. No. Event Name Number of participants Number of institutions
1 UniV Workshop on Research and Publication 73 51
2 UniV IELTS Intensive Care-I 78 48
3 A Complete Guideline for Higher Study Abroad & Scholarship 89 32
4 UniV IELTS Intensive Care-2 53 31
5 UniV Summer school on Research and Academic Career 91 33
6 A to Z Guideline for Higher Study Abroad& Scholarship 83 35

Overall satisfaction on UniV’s events from the event finalization survey on participants:

Overall satisfaction on UniV’ management from the event finalization survey on participants:

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